1.       What are the services that SLSC provides to its customers?
Currently SLSC provides the following services for its' customers:
1. Warehousing and storage
2. Last Mile Delivery
While SLSC has a strategic direction to progressively launch other logistic services for its' customers to meet the various needs of the market.
2.       As a customer, how do I ensure SLSC can meet my expectations and provide the required services?
SLSC is highly committed to meeting and exceeding the customer's satisfaction, where it has designed a Customer Service Charter which includes all necessary details of the service (When, where, and how it will be provided) to give the highest level of reliability to the customer and fulfil all obligations.
For More information, please feel free to check out our Customer Service Charter.
3.       How can I track the shipments that have been submitted to SLSC?
You can simply access our website at www.slsclogistic.com and track your shipment by entering the shipment tracking number.
4.       What are the payment options available for me to pay for SLSC services?
We have made the payment method as easy as possible for you, where you can pay for SLSC services through the options available below:
-          Our official website
-          Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/etc.) or Debit Card (Mada)
5.       How do I ensure that my personal information is securely maintained by SLSC?
SLSC is committed to apply highest levels of information security which guarantees that the customers' information is not shared or provided to any other party. SLSC has a team of professional Information technology team that work on maintaining the best practices in relation to information security.
6.       What is meant by the warehousing service that SLSC provides?
Warehousing is one of the services provided by SLSC which is focused on storing and managing your goods in our central logistic centres. This service is well-designed in a manner to ensure it meets the various needs of our customers that operate in different industries. By that SLSC will ensure that the inventory and product management requirements are met and help you manage your inventory efficiently, drive sales, and optimize lead times.
7.       As a customer, what are the benefits of outsourcing the warehousing service to SLSC?
Outsourcing the warehousing service to SLSC will give you as a customer the following benefits:
-          Commitment to provide high level of service to satisfy customers.
-          Effective real-time stock tracking system
-          Receive goods from merchant's suppliers accurately and on-time.
-          Protection and careful handling of items which improves the inventory accuracy.
-          Reduce the clients' administrative costs by managing all warehouse activities.
-          Reduce capital and infrastructure costs.
8.       Are any restricted or prohibited items/goods that are not allowed to be stored in SLSC Warehouses?
SLSC does not only ensure meeting customer requirements, it also takes into consideration other requirements that are enforced by official authorities such as Civil Defence. Therefore, to ensure high level of safety for the items in the warehouse, the following items are restricted to be stored in the warehouse:
- Hazardous Materials that require special storage conditions.
- Explosives.
- Waste.
- Living things.
9.       What is SLSC Locker?
SLSC Locker is the latest solution for your convenience, in which you can choose where and when to pick up your shipment without worrying about meeting the courier. Your shipment will be placed at a selected location based on your convenient, and you will receive an email or SMS with a code to pick up your shipment within 72 hours once your shipment reaches the location.
10.   Is registration required to collect my items from SLSC Locker?
Collecting items from SLSC Locker is considered as a delivery option available for the customer, where prior registration is not required to collect the items.
11.   How will I be notified when my shipment is ready for collection from SLSC Locker?
Once the parcel arrives to SLSC and is ready for collection, you will be notified through an Email or SMS including the Pick-up code/QR.
12.   When is it required for me to pick up the shipment from SLSC Locker?
The shipment will be stored in SLSC Locker for 72 hours/3 days; therefore, you will be required to collect it at earliest possible within 72 hours.
13.   If I forget to collect my shipment from SLSC Locker will there be a reminder?
Yes, you will be receiving at least one reminder to collect your shipment from SLSC Locker.
14.   What is the transportation method that SLSC uses to deliver items/goods to customers?
SLSC uses land transportation as a convenient and efficient method of delivering items/goods to customers.
15.   What is meant by the optional service of Cash-on-Delivery (COD)?
Cash-on-Delivery is an optional service that SLSC provides for its' customers, where they can pay for the service once it is delivered to them, and the cash is collected on behalf of the merchant.
16.   What is meant by the Door-to-Door service which SLSC provides?
Door-to-door service is one of the services provided by SLSC where the shipment is picked up from the Shipper's Door while ensuring all necessary documents are available during pick up, and delivering it to the recipient's Door.
17.   Is there an option where I can choose the most convenient location to pick up the shipment?
For sure! SLSC has made it easy for customers to choose their shipment drop off location as per their convenience, and that is simply done by selecting the location through SLSC Website or by contacting our Call Centre to provide them with the most convenient location.
18.   Is it possible to change my address in KSA from one city to another?
The customer has the flexibility to change his address at any time by updating it through SLSC official website or through the Call Centre.
19.   Can I allow someone else to pick up my shipment using my collection code?
Yes, anyone having the collection code/QR can pick up the shipment on your behalf. Although, we recommend that you collect your own shipment yourself, since SLSC will not be liable for any risk for the item being stolen, damaged, or lost in this situation.
20.   Does the beneficiary have the right to file an objection in the event that the shipment is damaged, lost, or there is a decrease in the level of service?
Yes, of course. We at SLSC have a full team specialized in customer service and dealing with all cases with care and speed.
21.   How can the beneficiary file an objection in the event that the shipment is damaged, lost, or there is a decrease in the level of service?
SLSC has multiple channels for communication, by entering the beneficiary through our official website to choose the appropriate method of communication for him www.slsclogistic.com
22.   For the shipments which are claimed as lost or damaged, how long will SLSC respond to me after filing the claim?
SLSC will guarantee that the claim for any lost or damaged shipment will be processed and response will be provided to the customer within maximum 30 days.
The claim will either be accepted, and therefore you will be compensated with a specific amount, or the claim will be rejected and the reason for rejection will be provided.
23.   How much will SLSC Compensate me for my lost or damaged shipment? And will the shipping charges I paid be refunded?
SLSC will only compensate you for the value of the lost or damaged shipment, and will not refund any shipping charges you have paid.
24.   How will SLSC determine the value of the lost or damaged item?
You will be compensated based on the shipment value which is specified in the invoice.
25.   Does the sender have the authority to return postal items or amend the recipient's address?
Yes, we at SLSC have high flexibility in terms of returning postal materials to the sender or modifying the address of the recipient, taking into account the fees that may be imposed on the sender and that is done before they are delivered to the addressee.
26.   How does the sender submit a request to return shipment or amend the recipient's address?
This is done through the following:
• The beneficiary login via the official website of the SLSC www.slsclogistic.com
• Go to the field of communication channels
• Fill out the form
• Select the category concerned with the request of the beneficiary
• Submit the form

After that, the beneficiary’s request will be reviewed and the beneficiary informed of the outcome of the request